What We Do


Founded in 1978, Spokane Digestive Center is an independent, patient-centered gastroenterology practice.  In addition to providing comprehensive outpatient therapeutic and diagnostic endoscopic services such as colonoscopy and EGD, our team of board certified and fellowship trained medical doctors and experienced Advanced Practice Providers maintain active clinical practices—performing initial diagnosis, management, and careful follow up in the office of patients with digestive health problems or concerns.

Our Mission

Spokane Digestive Center is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to patients with digestive and liver health problems or concerns. We are devoted to meeting the needs of our patients and referring physicians by providing timely evaluation through clinical, diagnostic, and endoscopic evaluations in a safe environment with an atmosphere of compassion and kindness.

Inclusive Care for All

Spokane Digestive believes healthcare should be inclusive, affirming, and available to all. While LGBTQIA+ people aren’t defined by any specific health needs, our providers understand the unique health concerns and obstacles members of this community often face. As such, we are committed to improving healthcare for LGBTQ patients and families by helping these individuals receive the supportive, compassionate care they deserve.

Who We Are

Spokane Digestive Center is an independent, physician-directed, sub-specialty practice. Our physicians are board certified, fellowship trained gastroenterologists specializing in digestive disease and endoscopic procedures. Our Advanced Practice Providers bring experience and knowledge in a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders and work closely with our physicians to ensure optimal care.

Information About Our Provider Team Approach

At Spokane Digestive we are always striving to improve the patient care experience for you. As such, we are increasingly utilizing the team approach to providing care to each of our patients. This team of providers includes both our physicians as well as Advanced Practice Providers (APP’s) such as Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.


As with our doctors, our APP’s are highly trained, certified and carefully selected to be a part of Spokane Digestive. While only your personal physician will perform any procedure you may have, we will utilize a team approach when you are seen for office visits.

Working alongside your doctor, the APP’s will assist with some consultations and follow up visits, resulting in less wait time, more time for your personalized care and more streamlined implementation of your care plan. However, our APP’s never take the place of your Spokane Digestive doctor.


In the medical community, more than 60% of physicians now work alongside APP’s, so you are likely familiar with this approach in other practices where you are seen. Studies have found that the team approach improves patient care, which is important to us at Spokane Digestive.


We wanted to make you aware of this important aspect of our practice, so you will understand why you are not always seeing only your physician when you come into the office. This is just one of the ways in which we are actively working to keep Spokane Digestive the premier gastroenterology practice in this area.


Thank you for being our patient.