What to Expect on the Day
of Your Endoscopy Procedure

We direct you to arrive one hour in advance of your scheduled appointment time. This will allow the reception and nursing staff plenty of time to complete your paperwork and pertinent health assessment information.


You will be required to have a responsible driver with you because you will be receiving sedation during your procedure. The total expected time that you will be in our facility is about 2 hours. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and leave valuables at home.

When you first arrive at Spokane Digestive Center, you will check in at the reception area.


The receptionist will ask for your picture ID and insurance information. Your billing and demographic information will be obtained, and you will be directed to the Endoscopy waiting room.

Nursing staff will escort you to a pre-op and recovery bay for the pre and post-op portions of your procedure.


You will be asked pertinent health history questions, vital signs will be taken and an intravenous catheter will be placed so that conscious sedation or anesthesia may be given during your procedure to keep you comfortable. Your personal belongings will be bagged and stored in the pre-op and recovery area during your procedure.

Your attending physician will introduce himself during the Pre-op time and review the consent to perform the procedure.


This is a time for you to voice any questions or concerns that you may have.

Once the pre-procedure information and tasks have been completed, you will be moved to a procedure room, where you will be placed on monitoring devices and the exam will occur.


The exam takes approximately 30 minutes during which time you will be sedated and monitored closely to assure your safety and comfort.

When the exam is completed, you will be taken to the Post-op recovery area.


Your escort will be allowed to sit with you if you choose. Recovery time is approximately 30 minutes so that you can waken from the sedation, have something to drink and prepare for discharge to home.