doctor hand on patient shoulder

What To Expect


We understand patients are apprehensive about their first colonoscopy. These are some of the tangible things we do to ensure you will have a good experience.

Warm Blanket

Patients are given the option of receiving a freshly laundered blanket that’s been heated in our commercial linen warmer.

CO2 Instead of Room Air

Insufflation of gas into the colon is necessary for adequate visualization during the examination (the scope utilized by the doctor has a feature to expel pressurized gas). Many centers use room air because there is no cost. Room air is poorly absorbed and leads to pain and distension (bloating) in a significant number of patients during recovery. We use carbon dioxide instead of room air. Studies have shown CO2 is absorbed much faster than air, and patients have significantly less pain and discomfort, and recover more quickly. Faster recovery means you leave the center sooner to enjoy a meal or relax at home.

Propofol Anesthesia

Patients are given the option of receiving propofol anesthetic instead of conscious sedation. Propofol has a very short duration of action allowing the vast majority of patients to wake up very quickly with very little, if any, nausea or sense of a “hang over.” To read more about the benefits of propofol, please see the article on the Home page of our website.


You will receive apple juice, cranberry juice, or a glass of water to ensure you are properly hydrated before you are discharged.

Kindness & Professionalism

We routinely receive comments from our surveyed patients praising our staff for their kindness and professionalism.