Our Value


Our Endoscopy Center is one of the most cost-effective facilities in the region. Independent studies have demonstrated that endoscopic procedures performed in community ambulatory surgery centers, like Spokane Digestive, are less than one-half the cost of the same procedure performed in a hospital outpatient department.¹


Our office is owned and operated by a Board composed of Spokane Digestive Disease Center physicians. This unique management and provider structure allows us to provide patients with affordable care. Our commitment to your care includes a dedication to providing you with cost effective treatment. Please reference the chart on the right hand side of the page for a comparative analysis of treatment at a Community-Based ASC versus the cost of hospital outpatient care.


If you would like to learn more about how Spokane Digestive Disease Center provides patients with accessible, affordable care, please contact us today!


¹NIHCR Research Brief No 16, James Reschovsky and Chapin White, June 2014 (private insurance, excluding anesthesia)

Lowest Cost Facility: Community-Based Centers are 50% Less than Hospital Outpatient.

Colonoscopy with Polyp Removal
Hospital Outpatient - $1,865 approx.0%
Community-Based ASC - $917 approx.0%
Colonoscopy with Biopsy
Hospital Outpatient - $1,702 approx.0%
Community-Based ASC - $785 approx.0%
Screening Colonoscopy
Hospital Outpatient - $1,383 approx.0%
Community-Based ASC- $625 approx.0%